Change the windows command prompt

Change the Windows command prompt.

PROMPT [text]

text Specifies a new command prompt.

Prompt can be made up of normal characters and the following special codes:

$Q = (equal sign)
$$ $ (dollar sign)
$T Current time
$D Current date
$P Current drive and path
$V Windows version number
$N Current drive
$G > (greater-than sign)
$L prompt $$

see now you get a prompt that looks like $ used in UNIX

ps: my prompt displays anything typed after prompt as the new prompt!!

Have you ever missed the HELP in DOS?

here is how you can get it.

type the command you wanted to get help on followed by ‘/’ and ‘?’

C:\WINDOWS>cd /?
Displays the name of or changes the current directory.

CHDIR [drive:][path]
CD [drive:][path]

.. Specifies that you want to change to the parent directory.

Type CD drive: to display the current directory in the specified drive.
Type CD without parameters to display the current drive and directory.


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